So this one time @tdm315 let @b0x315 @jemola_rt and I (maybe one or two other people?) wax his chest. #fbf
One of my favorite scenes in our #dttw film from this year. #tbt with @manwolf #RadTad
"Can you teach me how to shave?" - @manwolf
Fashion Senses Fail
Teen angst throwback #tbt. Yes, that’s an ICP poster in my room. Next to NOFX and the Deftones.
Banking on this being awesome. Which I’m sure it will be.
I wish I still had this jacket. #fbf thanks to a bunch of old photos I found yesterday.
A little early morning #fbf. My dad and I. In my camo bucket hat, Adidas Polo, khaki cargo, brace face glory. At the Great New York State Fair many moons ago.
#tbt I keep telling people how much of an angel I am…
Nailed it…
Real cool, tow truck guy.
This @beatsmusic app is pretty cool. May replace Spotify with it, may not. 2 week trial here we go. Thanks for the recommendation @kevinwildt.
Just some things that make me happy for no reason. Special thanks to @spencerelisabeth_ for the killer @explorerspress patches she got me for my birthday a couple months ago. Wanted to wait til they were on something to post em, but that may be a while.