I went to the Kansas State Fair today for the first time since I moved here 6 years ago with @spencerelisabeth_ and took the only photo that matters. I also had a couple other firsts. Deep fried oreos, twinkies, and a frozen chocolate covered banana. All in all a great day.
Facebook is creepy. “I may live in Kansas. But I’ll always be from New York”.
So I had a rough day yesterday. And probably one of the coolest girls I know made a real bold move to help make today better. @spencerelisabeth_ is pretty frickin amazing. (those are bacon & cheddar chips since the flavor is covered) Girlfriend of the year award 🎉🎊👏
Arts and farts and crafts with @jenrayict earlier. Until Frank the Tank rolled in poopy and Jen had to wash him with the hose again.
Cards Against Humanity has found its match. #exquisitecorpses
So this one time @tdm315 let @b0x315 @jemola_rt and I (maybe one or two other people?) wax his chest. #fbf
One of my favorite scenes in our #dttw film from this year. #tbt with @manwolf #RadTad
"Can you teach me how to shave?" - @manwolf
Fashion Senses Fail
Teen angst throwback #tbt. Yes, that’s an ICP poster in my room. Next to NOFX and the Deftones.
Banking on this being awesome. Which I’m sure it will be.
I wish I still had this jacket. #fbf thanks to a bunch of old photos I found yesterday.